Get actionable insights from your hidden data to boost sales and improve efficiency.

Data are the new fuel of business but only 20% of what is collected can be used with the traditional systems.

Datumize is revolutionizing the way companies understand their demand and their day to day operations, leveraging new and better data in decision making.


Datumize Real Demand

Understand consumers behaviour, aspirations and interactions, for a better demand analysis and lost opportunities detection.

Datumize Motion Intelligence

Easily get instant information about people and assets movements in your premises, and optimise them to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Datumize Machine Data

Unlock and empower data collected from any device. Legacy system or complex protocol won’t be a barrier to extract captive information.


"Datumize has become a critical data engine for our business. The metrics and insights we now consider are changing the way we do business, and we have achieved +40% year to date growth.”

Vicente Guerola

Incoming Manager at Globalia
“It’s astonishing that Datumize is able to leverage existing technology investment. We need location metrics and current technologies are extremely expensive to scale up to our 55 warehouses across Europe.”

Eric Siboni

CIO at FM Logistic

José María Boixeda

CTO at Gas Natural Fenosa
"Utility business is challenged by efficiencies and depends on data for moving forward. Datumize is able to convert complex assets into a series of relevant business and technical time-series events."


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