As IATA reported in The Future of Airline Distribution, written by Herny Harteveldt from Atmosphere Report, and with valuable testimonials from key industry players: airline distribution is switching to a new distribution model that will allow companies to sell more flexible. In fact, if we compare how flights are being retailed with other industries or

One of the main challenges for Hospitality or Hotel executives is achieving the right balance between maintaining memorable guest experiences and meeting the margins and profit obligations. That’s one of the primary motivations for implementing “descriptive analytics,” more known as Business Intelligence, for a better understanding of what is going on and how they can

Data is the new fuel of business. Having that clear is easy to understand why most executives should be concerned about the quality of data on which their insights and decisions depend. But many companies fail to understand what constitutes quality data and consider that they already have the data they need to grow their

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Tailor Dark Data to your Needs

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Web Analytics: What You Get, What You Miss

Internet is an enormous platform to sell globally. On the other hand, the competence is also extremely enormous. For many companies, their website is the main entry point to interact with their potential clients and differentiation from competitors is of great importance. As a result, knowing whether the content you are offering on your website