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Datumize Kosmos Web Services aims at capturing critical customer behaviour in web and mobile applications that heavily depend on Web Services and B2B integrations, and helps you understand all the interactions from a business and technical perspective.

Based on Datumize Kosmos, our product that allows capturing Dark Data on the datacenter, Datumize Kosmos Web Services is specially designed to cope with Web Services. Companies that heavily depend on Web Services and B2B integrations will benefit from critical data that give insights about Lost Opportunities and Real Customer Behaviour.

Datumize Kosmos Web Services is not intrusive and does not require for your company to modify any existing application. Captured data is stored, analyzed, and visualized, in a variety of platforms and technologies, to allow making better decisions.


Capture HTTP(S) and SOAP/REST Web Services

Able to capture full interaction for web services over HTTP and HTTPS protocols, and SOAP/REST styles. Complete network, header, and payload information, both for request and response.

Captured Data Formats

Captured interactions can be represented in a variety of formats, depending on your IT and business needs. Each interaction is captured and represented in a document using XML, JSON, binary, text, or CSV format.

Data Storage

Integration with a number of Enterprise-grade Big Data platforms such as Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, or Teradata. Our own platform based on open source Big Data technology is also available.

Data Analytics

Integration with several commercial Analytical tools, such as QlikSense or Microstrategy. Our own platform based on open source analytical technology is also available.

Anomaly Detection

Selected web services statistics are modeled against an Artificial Intelligence model that is able to identify anomalies. First, we train a model based on your specific data. Then, the model is continually scored to detect anomalies, which is anything that is outside of the “normal” learned behaviour.

Server Data Capture

Our technology is deployed at server side. All relevant data is captured from your server systems without modifying your web services or the systems (application server, web server) that host them. We use advanced networking technology to capture all your stuff without you even noticing.

Business and Technical Dashboards

Valuable information for your Web Services is stored in a model that can extract both technical and business information. You will be able to dashboard technical metrics for IT such as response time, timeouts, or errors. Additionally, you can dashboard business metrics specific to your web services, those special metrics that are relevant for you and your business.



Research shows that many companies are missing opportunities to sell (Lost Sales) and their backend web services are the proof. We can understand your missed opportunities because Kosmos is able to seamless capture all your web services traffic, including full request and full response, store and enable advanced reporting and insights that are usable by your business and IT teams.

Capture customer behaviour in mobile apps

We are able to capture the complete request and response dialogue between the mobile applications and the Web Services. Therefore we are able to recover all customer behavior that occurs when the customer is using an App in his or her mobile device.

No risk for mission critical systems

Most web services are interaction with mission critical systems, like mainframe, ERP, CRM, or customer backend applications. Those kind of applications that are likely to hit your line if something wrong happens. Datumize Kosmos not intrusive technology is able to recover all your web services traffic without those critical systems even noticing that we’re there.


Many companies are unaware about strange conditions on their backend services. For example, a normal service call rate at 12am is around 150 calls/minute, but today something went wrong and you have almost no one. These kind of awkward conditions might hit your Service Level Agreements. Datumize Kosmos is able to identify strange conditions by applying advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques that detect anomalies and warn you so you are able to take correction decisions.


At Datumize we’re obsessed about capturing the right data at the right time without any hassle for the customer. That specifically means avoiding that you need to modify your backend application to keep a trace of your web services, and you rather stay focused on the business and leave Datumize to capture everything for you.


Datumize Kosmos for Web Services is a server side technology that captures all your web services seamless. All the data captured can be transformed into a modern and stored in your preferred Big Data platform, either cloud or on premises. Once data are stored, you can use any 3rd party tool of your choice to analyze services.


If you don’t have a Big Data Platform available to store and analyze the data that we collect, we can provide you with a storage and search full architecture.


Datumize Kosmos captures critical business data from any software system within the datacenter, the Dark Data you need to detect Lost Opportunities and improve Operations.
Datumize Kosmos is not intrusive and does not require for you company to modify any existing application.

Datumize Observer is our Plug&Play solution for real world Dark Data capture, whether for people or machines. Unlock customer behaviours, identify demographics, segment users, predict machine maintenance, and benefit from advanced machine learning capabilities.


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