Datumize Real Demand

Understand consumers behaviour, aspirations, and interactions, for a better demand analysis and lost opportunities detection.

Gather all your omnichannel customer data to discover trends, analyze interactions and measure behaviors.

  • Behaviour: User interactions, availability requests, and requests with no offer or wrong prices. Collect temporally data typed in text boxes.
  • Profile: Identity, the origin of visits, repeated users, IP location, source IP, etc.
  • Monitoring: Identify integration issues, monitor performance and detect real-time network anomalies.
  • Alerts: Business and technical real-time alerts.


Capturing data from web, web services, mobile app, etc.


User-friendly dashboards with the information you need at a glance.


Continuous and real-time monitoring.


Smooth data capture; without modifying your critical systems.


Full data privacy and ownership.


Integration with other analytical tools, CRMs, ERPs, etc.

Discover how our clients had increased their sales using Datumize Real Demand.