Dark Data Partners and Resellers

At Datumize we look to build a strong ecosystem for valued partners, who share our vision to offer the world's first “Dark Data” software solution to our joint customers globally


SDG have grown to a €100million enterprise by offering clients a professional elite business intelligence service for the past 15 years. Partnering with SDG has allowed both our businesses to offer an exclusive “Dark Data” Capture and “Business Intelligence” package to clients around the world.


Intel leads the way when it comes to innovation and here at Datumize we are proud to have partnered with a company who shares our vision to help uncover data from newly connected devices that optimize processes, deliver deep business insight and drive ROI.



Datumize is proud to enter a strategic partnership with W3C, the organization behind the standards that rule the Internet. After our successful event in IOT Berlin 2016, W3C invited Datumize to join the IOT Committee and help define the standards for this technology and devices/gateways. Datumize is now proudly part of this committee, sharing seats with organizations such as Oracle, Cisco, Google, and Siemens.



Visual Image are on the forefront of the advertising world trends. Visual image continues to drive forward with their aggressive growth of offering unique advertising space to their global clients. Datumize has integrated its technology into a unique product that can help Shopping Malls, Hotels, Airports better understand their client’s behaviour, trends, giving real insight into building a smart advertising model.



Bayes Forecast decodes future data and helps customers reacting to changing business conditions in the best shape. Bayes Forecast has been in the market for +25 years modelling huge data volumes using their own statistical methods and an innovative prediction engine. Datumize has partnered to provide them with more and better data from internal and external source, so that predictions’ quality and scope are increased.



Sistel is a company specialized in enterprise IT and business analytics, providing strategic managed services and turnkey solutions to customers across different industries. Datumize has partnered with Sistel to boost the Business Analytics division.


Each day, B2C and B2B companies are trying to expand their distribution capabilities, innovate user experiences and acquire new monetization sources.

An innovative company realizes its future doesn't depend on just what it can do on its own.

By partnering with another, it's functions, channels and capabilities increase exponentially and access is gained to insights that were previously hidden.

Let's point our resources towards a common goal!

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Founder & CEO

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Sales Director

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Director of Engineering