New Year New Ambitions

The New Year brings plenty of celebration across the world, with many looking at the year ahead as a fresh start to achieving those goals, beit personal or professional.

It is no different at Datumize HQ. The New Year will bring fresh challenges with 2016 promising to be an exciting year ahead.

Datumize are growing fast, thanks to their latest round of seed investment, which has helped us develop the “Dark Data Collector” version 1.2.

Nacho Lafuente CEO of Datumize “This round of investment was critical to our long term success and has allowed us to develop the DDC-1.2, which will offer global clients the power to unlock huge amounts of 'Dark Data' and 'Operational Data' offering them the opportunity to access “Revenue Critical information” helping them make better business decisions.

So what does the DDC 1.2 do?

  • From Online to In-store – From Logistics to Manufacturing – From Energy to Travel – From Security to Media –
  • Did you know that most companies only capture up to 1% of all the Data they could use? The other 99% of “Dark Data” is either lost or never used.
  • Datumize captures all of your Data, helping your Company turn your lost data pains into profitable business solutions.
  • Unlock and explore in real time huge amounts of Dark Data, from multiple sources and multiple platforms, with Datumize’s DDC Technology.
  • Our DDC integrates with your systems easily and effectively in a non-intrusive way -capturing data in real time.
  • Learn Critical In -Process-Data by adding the DDC to your current analytical platform to unlock the potential to make better smarter business decisions.

Add better business value to your existing operations, by:

  • Reducing your over maintenance.
  • Decreasing your inventory inadequacies.
  • Discover, lost customer requests.
  • Learn critical customer behaviour.

Big Data and Dark Data has recently caught the world's attention with KDNuggets recent review, Bloomberg and Forbes all highlighting the need for this data to be captured and turned into revenues.

While IBM continue to acquire and invest heavily into “Dark Data Technology” Datumize has continued to invest into R&D creating a Data capturing product that can change the way you look, read and analyse your business – forever.

When captured, stored and analyzed, these dark data sources can drive additional value for your company. Here’s an example: One high tech manufacturer has found significant benefit to capturing sensor data from its manufacturing line in real time. In data prior to the instantiation of sensors and big data system to capture and analyze (dark) sensor data, this manufacturer would only recalibrate its manufacturing systems during various downtime windows when the whole line was shut down for maintenance.

By Capturing and analysing sensor data as it flows by, the manufacturer found that a single machine - out of hundreds - was out of spec due to a faulty cable. The manufacturer would never have found this anomaly prior to the maintenance window without the analysis of real time sensor data. By Speeding up the ability to detect deviations within seconds instead of days, and calibrate manufacturing equipment faster than ever before, product quality has increased and the likelihood of shipping bad product has drastically decreased.

Whether we realise it or not, there are countless sources of “Dark Data” in our business just waiting to be analyzed. These data sources are mostly messy and raw, and they will take time to un wrangle - unless you integrate the Datumize DDC 1.2 of course.

Happy New Year to all our clients present and future.