Datumize Motion Intelligence

Easily get instant information about people and assets movements in your premises, and optimize them to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


Use valuable motion and mobility information to extract powerful insights and improve your business.

  • People motion: Customer and workers flow in your premises; location, mobility, heatmaps, mapping, recurrency, identification, etc.
  • Process Optimizaction: Optimal paths and spatial organization improvements recommendations.
  • Alerts: Business and technical real-time alerts.


No additional hardware needed (using already existing wi-fi access points or other mobility systems).


Completely transparent for customers or employees.


Continuous and real-time monitoring.

Data anonymization

Personal data encryptation to ensure privacy protection.


Full data privacy and ownership.


Integration with transactional systems (ie. ERPs) or any other tool.

Discover how our clients had improved their efficiency using Datumize Motion Intelligence.