Datumize helps turn old data capture into 21st century technology

Technology in different ways and forms has been present since the beginning of human mankind. Our needs have been evolving from what was considered basic or a commodity to the biggest advancement in technology over the past 30 years since the beginning of time. Needs have changed quite a lot over time and the want to understand more data has become a real focus over the past few years.

Within an aggressive competitive marketplace companies have understood innovation and technology is the key driver of success. Taking real time and faster decisions than competitors in so many cases is the only way of survival, increasing growth or maintaining the leadership of the future. Information and data is being treated as a key asset within a company and a powerful engine for “Intelligent decision making” from operational data.

Technology is allowing companies to capture more and better data, but what about old devices or technologies? How to match legacy and core processes with the tones of information the market demands to compete?

Old protocols are not nice to be understood and usually do not fit well with upcoming technologies, however new metrics and data requests keep appearing and are usually very difficult to identify and access. Risk is usually the main concern of technical department, since capturing new data usually requires a form of rebuilding or rewriting the existing application that is too risky and not very cost effective.

On the other hand, these old devices contain very useful data, beit extremely hard to retrieve that data because they might be isolated or in most of the cases they have proprietary or old protocols.

Datumize Invests heavily into transforming old utility meters into “smart Metering” that can help companies retrieve and capture all available metrics in any industrial device without changing the hardware and what is more important; with a non-intrusive software that they do not even realize it is there. Captured data can be captured, transformed and integrated into any big data platform, just ready to take business decisions. Datumize is currently helping Gas Natural to capture data from old industrial electricity meters without the need of replacing the meter or replacing its hardware.

This “smart Meters”. Our “Utilitygrabber” shapes the way we can use old technology, and still capture huge amounts of data, that can generate higher revenues and allow the large Utility companies make better smarter business decisions.

Just one of the ways our “Utilitygrabber” can help.

written by Adrian Hinrichsen