Launching a big project

I remember the first moment I found out about Nacho’s project. It seemed very interesting and unique; something that nobody else was doing. Something that could be applied to different industries and places in an increasingly complex world where the importance of data grows day after day.

Datumize was founded in 2014, and Nacho worked nonstop as he is doing right now. My first days were different but also weird. I worked from home, since we didn’t have an office yet, and had meetings with Nacho to discuss our to-do list. Some weeks later we moved to our first office of a few square meters in Viladecans - at that time, enough space for two people.

Shortly after, the first version of the DDC arrived. The name was the result of a simple vote by Nacho’s friends, co-founders and ‘employees’, one in that case. And so the Datumize Data Collector was born: welcome DDC!

Then came the first client, the StartupBootCamp accelerator, 4YFN at the MWC, more public events, congresses, contacts, investment, flights, nights in hotels… lots of effort to grow the project. Me from the office and Nacho and the co-founders going up and down around talking with clients, looking for investors and so on. Everything was so interesting, and at the same time the first results were starting to come in. We received 1M euro in investment a few months ago. Now we are 13 employees in different areas. Datumize is hiring new people to join the project, so this thing is still growing.

“Companies will need to adapt to future circumstances and our product can help...”

Datumize began in a very competitive environment and was sometimes hard for clients to understand. Why? Because we have been doing something that is not so common, and cutting edge tech like ours needs evangelization. Companies will need to adapt to future circumstances and our product can help prepare their systems, processes or even create new business from resources they don’t even know they have. We are building a complex product that allows for data capture from places that most people overlook. At the same time this technology can play a crucial role to fix key business problems or obtain better results and opportunities. As I write this, what we do is easier to explain to and be appreciated by clients.

“The main value proposition is: capture dark data, process them, store them if needed, and be able to analyze these data easily...”

DDC can help companies improve their processes and systems. It can help them detect errors, be more efficient, identify hidden opportunities, extract insights, etc. The basic function of the main product is: capture dark data, process them, store them if needed, and be able to analyze these data easily in order to provide business intelligence and new insights.

I think that we made a huge leap forward as we follow clearer processes during the development flow that allows us to be more stable and confident during client deployments. The engineering team is full of good people and everyone in the group helps each other. This will improve a lot in the future too. Now we have a product with many improvements that make our life easier, such as remote management. The team is focused on an important mission and has endless potential to do big things. It makes me happy that we work so well together. Let’s keep improving!

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written by Nil Plana