There is no Dark Data
Dark enough that we can't Capture


Datumize Kosmos captures critical business data from any software system within the data center, the Dark Data you need to detect Lost Opportunities and improve Operations.

Datumize Kosmos is not intrusive and does not require for you company to modify any existing application.


Datumize Kosmos captures customer behaviour over online and back office systems, using operational data that companies are currently missing, that contains high value.


Know your Search

Have the ability to finally have access to all searches made on your site and all replies given to your clients.

Customer Behaviour

Get real time insight into your full sales funnel by understanding critical online movements and actions.

Integrates with any analytical tool

Kosmos can integrate with any analytical tool from Qlik to Mind Analytics, with a simple 1 step integration.

Multiple storage capability

Captured Data can be stored locally, In the cloud, directly on your servers, with 3rd party solutions or in one of our secure Datumize solutions

Detect real-time Anomalies

Captured data can reveal trends and highlight anomalies within your internal networks, in real time at the right time

Connect online to Offline

Connect your online and offline worlds by creating one environment. Increase sales by better servicing your clients needs. Decrease costs by creating one-world.


Each client is different, each client has personnel requirements, that's why we have developed our products to be 100% tailor made for you.


Our software has been designed to be downloaded, simply and effectively for immediate data collection.

Right Data at the Right Time

Our software can differentiate between ROT data and Dark Data, ensuring you capture and unlock the most critical business data possible in Real Time.

Understands Critical Systems

Critical systems can't fail. Any change might affect revenue and reputation. Datumize captures data without modifying your critical systems. No cost and no risk to ensure that critical systems remain intact.

Cross Industry Benefit

Our Product has been designed to work across various verticals, allowing each industry to benefit from capturing Data within their unique ecosystems.

Data Processing

Scalable and real time data processing in an ultra-lightweight engine designed to run on a variety of hardware. Usual activities include filtering, intelligent selection, and compression for captured data. Business applications are supported to implement specific requirements.


Datumize Observer is our Plug&Play solution for real world Dark Data capture, whether for people or machines. Unlock customer behaviours, identify demographics, segment users, predict machine maintenance, and benefit from advanced machine learning capabilities.


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Nacho Lafuente

Founder & CEO

Javier Uriagereka

Sales Director

Andreu Araque

Director of Engineering