Introducing our New Product

Re-Think the Way You Capture and Use Your Data Online

As a Marketing Director, the data I receive from my digital channels, is integral to how I shift my campaigns to increase traffic, CTR, and ultimately conversions. The question I have always asked my self is this – “If all my competitors are looking at the same data sets as I am, how are we being competitively different”? I have always been fundamentally interested in “Online customer Behaviour”, what makes a person choose their final purchase, the journey it took to get there, and what are they doing on the pages before the clicks.

Let´s face it, a high majority of us use “Google Analytics”, and “mailchimp analytics” among others to showcase our online campaigns, traffic flows, newsletter campaigns etc. However, did you know that using “google analytics” and 3rd party analytical services, we never actually own the data? You would be surprised how many clients I talk to, do not know this fact, giving reason “it´s time for a change”.

Data and owning your data will be the key to future business success, the way we analyse our business, making key decisions based on new found data within our internal networks. The way we capture data is changing, and we must look at ways to evolve with the ever expanding space of technology.

At Datumize our team are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, by finding unique opportunities for our clients to capture new types of “Dark Data”.

The below graph clearly shows the level of our technology, where we capture data, process it, then leverage this new data into real time business insights.


Core Product

A Schematic of our core product The Datumize Data Collector

Kosmos is our new “Online” data capture product that specifically works within the cosmos of HTTP, ERP, CRM, legacy and can capture and unlock new types of data that are currently not being accessed to drive revenues and better understand customer’s behavior online.

    • Our solution is simple and effective and can deploy into your servers with zero risk to your current operation.
    • We are non-intrusive, never taking the data offsite, rather pushing the data captured to your big data platform or cloud space.
    • No additional customization needed at the client’s end, because our network connectors have been engineered in a highly efficient way.
    • Own your data, probably the most important part of our solution is that YOU the client take back control and can finally own your data.

    Kosmos has the ability to work across many verticals leveraging the power of capturing data in complex scenarios and making it simple to analyse.

    Success Case

    The Datumize team have recently been working with Globalia, one of the world’s largest Travel companies with over $3.1bn in revenue. Our challenge was simple - help them better understand requests made by their clients for travel enquiries, and the results given.

    Datumize accessed, and now collects nearly 75million (real time) calls per day Vs nothing before!

    • Globalia are now in a better position to identify lost revenue drivers that were affecting their bottom line
    • Globalia can now better service their clients request with offering real time solutions
    • Globalia can now react in real time to lost demands and lost opportunities

Our aim here at Datumize, is to help educate our clients to understand that there are a number of “Dark Data” information hidden within any operation, accessing it does not need to be time consuming nor difficult, rather seen as an opportunity to better understand your business operations.If you would like to receive more information on capturing “Dark Data” within your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

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written by Adrian Hinrichsen