Introducing Dark Data Fracking™

“Dark Data” are dispersed across your organizations processes, protocols, devices, and networks making them inaccessible to many legacy infrastructure configurations and even modern analytical platforms.

Business Intelligence solutions have always been used to gain a better understanding of the underlying business. However, with 65% of the data being “Dark”, many critical, game changing insights have gone un-discovered as there has been no way to unobtrusively discover, capture, extract, and analyze these data. That is, until now!

Introducing Dark Data Fracking™, a method that enables you to capture and analyze all of your data, including “Dark Data”, so you can access:

  • Knowledge and insight rich data deposits from systems, devices, machines, sensors, …
  • Data sources impacting the entire business range from the Internet of Things (IoT), e-commerce, ERP, CRM systems, mobile and web applications, …
  • High data growth areas such as environmental monitoring, wearables, and security monitors,
  • Unstructured content that is locked in a variety of formats, locations, and separate repositories.


Using your Dark Data enables you to open a “knowledge-gap” between you and your competition.  The knowledge-gap you create will propel your organization to out sell, out service and outperform your competition!

Join our webinar on November 16, 2017 at 1:00 PM CET and learn how you can use Dark Data to out sell, out service, and outperform your competition!





This webinar will be presented by Edward M.L. Peters, Founder and CEO of Data Discovery Sciences and sponsored by Datumize.

Data Discovery Sciences helps organizations increase the value they capture from data, devices and operational processes. These data are often trapped in closed and proprietary formats making them nearly impossible to exploit. Data Discovery Sciences uses its proven methods and tools to liberate data from closed formats, integrate data with operational and decision-making data stores and accelerate the analytical processes that generate the insights that drive success.

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