World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC) reports that Travel is the world's largest industry with +292M jobs and 10.2% of global GDP ($7.6 trillion). Expected growth rate 3,9% yearly through 2027. Hotels, Agencies, Airlines, Tour Operators, and Transportation keep pace of disruption. Advanced customer knowldege and segmentation are key trends.

How Datumize can help Travel Industry?

Understand and get knowledge about your real demand: availability requests, conversion rates, tendencies and accomplishment of agreements.

Optimize prices based on information like real demand.

Get insights regarding each one of your sales channels: API integration, email, telephone sales, point of sales, App and Web.

Identify and analize lost sales opportunities due to no product or not availability.

Identify technical issues in real time: integration, performance and network map requests.

With Datumize Kosmos you optimize and improve your business based on advanced knowledge or your Real Demand. Datumize Kosmos non intrusively captures all your hidden interactions, across all your sales and providers channels, and calculates advanced business and technical metrics. From now on you won't miss any other potential sale opportunity, using real time reports, dashboards, and alerts to react immediately to changing business conditions.