Today’s manufacturing facilities and logistics operations rely on data to maximize production, monitor quality, and support growth. But too often, critical data exists beyond what is routinely captured and analyzed. This “dark data” is dispersed across processes, protocols, devices, and systems, and inaccessible by many legacy infrastructure configurations and even modern analytical platforms.

How Datumize can help Industry & IoT?

Track robotics and align with predictive maintenance solutions.

Increase visibility into workforce and machine activity.

Detect anomalies on internal networks, detect online threats, and address problems in near-real time.

Analyze machine behavior in near-real time and access critical system metrics, with data stored locally for fast response.

Eliminate physical device configuration or user intervention for Datumize Observer devices.

Understand the flow of workers and vehicles within an environment.

Track employees, vehicles, and goods across the factory or warehouse, and detect exclusion zones or employee shift overload.

Track employees across the factory or warehouse, and compute distance and actual path for each work order.

Datumize has created an innovative solution—powered by an Intel® architecture-based IoT gateway—designed to recover dark data and transform it into relevant information that supports better manufacturing and logistics decisions.

With Datumize Observer, an appliance running on Intel® architecture-based IoT hardware, you can  access data that shows the exact positions of handheld devices and vehicles within a warehouse, using the existing, multivendor Wi-Fi infrastructure. This data is merged with warehouse management system (WMS) activity to provide analytics pertinent to security and productivity.