According to Ernst & Youngadvancement exists for market players that adapt new and improved technologies to make more informed investment decisions and offer services that align with changing consumer preferences. Technology, such as data analytics, is changing the global landscape for hotel industry.

How Datumize can help Hospitality Industry?

Understand and get knowledge about your real demand: availability requests, conversion rates and tendencies.

Understand how guests and workers are moving within the hotel to increase ancilliary revenues and optimize operations.

Understand the usage of the WiFi service.

Optimize prices based on information like real demand, historical data, competitor prices and others.

Optimize and reduce Check-in / Check-out time.

Usage of the Hotel App.

With Datumize Kosmos you can optimize revenue for hotels by better understanding your Real Demand. Datumize Kosmos non intrusively captures all hidden interactions across all your sales channels, and calculates detailed business and technical metrics in real time.

With Datumize Observer you can detect people and employee motion using existing WiFi infrastructure, and increase sales with customized products and services, and reduce operating costs through predictive maintenance. Datumize Observer captures people and things behaviour in a physical environment