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Seeking to increase and reinvest profits by generating greater attraction to customers? (To discover destinations, understanding the types of accommodation and services that travelers want?) If your goal is to increase and adapt putative offers to the demands of current or future customers, you need to pay attention to dark data that flows through the web. Integrating web services among the different systems in the (now heavily digitalized) Travel industry, we have found a data source that provides great value, especially within hotel chains and resorts. Wherever the hotelier wants to understand customer behaviors, so as to increase revenue and optimize resources, reducing operating costs.

Virtually everyone has a cell phone, whose signals different Wi-Fi antennas capture regardless of whether we connect to that network.

How? Simply coming to understand where customers like to be: the cafeteria, pool, gym, rooms... When are they having breakfast or eating (so as to display buffets)? Do they use internal services or go outside to obtain them?

Check-in or Checkout, movie rental, or wake-up times turn out to be valuable data. One can also monitor personnel activities, particularly for sub-contractors. Thus we detect, capture and process Dark Data. Virtually everyone has a cell phone, whose signals different Wi-Fi antennas capture regardless of whether we connect to that network (terminals send a connection attempt signal every 5 seconds). Given the 50-100 standard access points that exist on average hotels, capturing that (connection attempt) signal entails knowing that a certain cell phone is in one place, at a precise time. Your coordinates determine where you are, the time you spend there, if you leave or return to that site, and what your movements has been…

Dark Data are simply present in most travel industry activities.

This reality allows a smart hotel manager to better infer guest behaviours, while monitoring their own personnel. Dark Data is simply present in most travel industry activities, where we already generate continuous data. Like ever-present solar energy, dark data is there for us to use, extracting value to improve our business: Data that we already have but tend to ignore!

Datumize Technology

Datumize allows companies from the Travel Industry as tour operators, airlines, and hotels to maximize revenues, optimize prices, discover new business opportunities and tendencies and understand customer behaviours.

Our innovative technology integrates with any system non intrusively to capture and processes in real time availability requests and the responses offered in all sales channels.

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written by Javier Uriagereka