Currently, farmers and breeders heavily depend on taking samples and analyzing on external labs. This process takes at least one week until analytical results are returned and animal owner decides based on reported parameters. Animal pregnancy is one of the most interesting topics that are based on analytical results – finding out the perfect time for the animal to become pregnant can be easily detected based on certain hormones.

How Datumize can help Healthcare Industry?

Capture data for different healthcare systems/vendors.

Support different deployment models.

Upload data securely into Healthcare platform.

Download data and receive events from Healthcare platform.

Execute automatic business logic on Healthcare platform.

Datumize provides technology to support automatic data capture for each product. For each instrument, clinical and machine data will be captured. That includes information on the installation identifier, animal, sample, reagents, calibration, QC, or any other kind that is supported by the instrument. This information is transformed into a standard data model and uploaded securely into Seroclinix cloud platform.