Dark data allows banks to predict what products and services customers may be interested in, based on personality traits and life events. It is also a way to predict customer attrition and analyze patterns that lead to payment delays (Source: Grace Brasington, vice president of IBM Corp.'s Risk and Compliance Cognitive Solutions for Banking and Financial Markets)

How Datumize can help Finance Sector?

Understand and get knowledge about your real demand: availability requests, conversion rates and tendencies.

Understand how customers and employees are moving within the agencies to understand customer behavior and optimize productivity.

Analyze the network traffic to avoid security issues.

Understand and analize emails to optimize communicatios with clients and within your company.

With Datumize Kosmos Solution you can optimize revenue for the finance industry. Datumize Kosmos non intrusively captures everything within your sales channels and calculates custom metrics in real time.

With Datumize Observer you can increase sales with customized products and optimize operations within your agencies. Datumize Observer captures people and things behaviour in a physical environment.