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Datumize turns Dark Data into measurable Revenue and Operational Efficiency.


We live in a complex digital world full of data. There are multiple data sources such as  e-commerce, mobile apps, B2B, industrial machines and sensors, WiFi, and people.


Running a business today is increasingly complex. There still are many Lost Opportunities and Operational Opportunities. Not everything is being stored and analyzed. Datumize recognizes that the Dark Data problem exists.


Dark Data are those data that exist inside and outside your organization but you don’t have access to. As a result, those Dark Data are not used in decision making.


Data remains dark due to high cost, risk, and complexity of its acquisition. Up to 65% of overall company data might be dark and not usable. Dark Data is a great hidden value for companies that provides competitive advantages.


Datumize has created the world's first technology to specifically recover Dark Data and transform into relevant Enterprise information that supports better decisions.


In Travel, bookings are recorded, but availability queries are not. Real Demand is not understood and revenue is lost. We know real examples of Dark Data in industries like Logistics, Automotive, Retail, Government, and Industry.


New and better data for companies that unleash hidden opportunities


Vicente Guerola

Incoming Manager at Globalia

"Datumize has become a critical data engine for our business. The metrics and insights we now consider are changing the way we do business, and we have achieved +40% year to date growth.”

"Utility business is challenged by efficiencies and depends on data for moving forward. Datumize is able to convert complex assets into a series of relevant business and technical time-series events.”

Jose María Boixeda

CTO at Gas Natural Fenosa

Javier de Rocafort

Chairman @Balmoral Capital Partners
"Generating large sums of data that serve nothing is useless knowledge. Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win. Datumize is the company that brings dark data discovery into an ever increasing creation of relevant business data."
“Datumize has given us full visibility into our existing SOA infrastructure without the hassle of modifying existing applications. This technology has been key for the new kind of governance based on real usage of our services, and also deep analysis of the business implications of certain critical operations.”

Aritza Iratzagorria Garay

IT Infrastructure Director, Osakidetza


Our Dark Data Collection technology that discovers, retrieves, and transforms your Dark Data into Information usable to make decisions for your business

Our Core Proprietary & Innovative Technology. Captures data not intrusively using deep low level technology. It’s our Secret Sauce (don’t tell anyone). Usable for embedded  (OEM) deployments.

Our Dark Data Collection software for the datacenter. Captures data managed by your server systems but it’s missing now. Usable when your data are inside the datacenter kosmos.

Our Dark Data Collection Hardware. A computer ready to be installed in a remote location, big or small, industrial or retail. Observes real world to capture relevant data.


Today, organizations know that markets are so competitive and changing that they need to gain some sort of advantage. And it is generally accepted that data will uplift how companies make decisions.

Datumize captures Dark Data from software systems within the datacenter, and people and devices from the physical world. That valuable captured data helps our clients better understand their organization performance, client behavior, and its real potential. The increased intelligence that Datumize provides yields increased revenues by identifying lost sales opportunities, and better operational efficiencies by finger pointing hotspots.

Find out what opportunities exist beneath the surface of your data.


Do you have any question on Dark Data? Would you like to find out more or ask anything to one of our experts?

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Nacho Lafuente

Founder & CEO

Javier Uriagereka

Sales Director

Andreu Araque

Director of Engineering