Motion Intelligence

These days, it is difficult to find someone who doesn’t have a smartphone. Datumize technology offers the possibility to know how people move using existing WiFi infrastructure, and can even track unconnected devices, smoothly and non-invasively. Leverage this information to know how people move around hotels, warehouses, tourist attractions and other busy locations.

App & WiFi Usage

Most modern businesses offer their clients an app to make shopping easier. Getting insights into app usage metrics and other user experience KPIs can help companies improve and adjust to increase sales. Understanding app & WiFi usage also expands and deepens your knowledge of customer behavior and can help identify new business needs.

Network Traffic Smart Analysis

Today it is important to control who accesses our networks and to know exactly where our systems send and receive information. Control offers a wide range of possibilities, including the ability to understand network usage, network traffic, trace IP origins, learn when networks have more traffic, identify delays and latency and detect network attacks.

Lost Sales Opportunities

We know what we sell, but it can be difficult to know exactly what customers are searching for on our website or through web services. Datumize captures all these interactions, from clients' requests to our answers, allowing for the analysis of real demand and understanding how to create the optimal offer for each client.

Point of Sale

This technology can capture sales data from any POS, even if it is not connected to your system. If you are a manufacturer or distributor and want to know what your customers are selling within their stores, you have very little information to go on. Datumize technology can connect you with any independent client’s POS without having to enter into their systems directly.