Data Fracking

Improve your Access to Dark Data

Digital strategies are driving exponential change into the business landscape.

What was a physical process yesterday, whether in retail, transportation, banking or healthcare, has been dematerialized by an endless proliferation of new digital processes and devices.  This transformation has fostered an explosive growth in data (both Big and small) that has been described as a Data Tsunami!   Additionally, much of these data are held within closed and proprietary “deposits” and cannot be easily extracted and exploited through traditional methods and tools.  We are experiencing an ever growing, massive deposit of Dark Data that holds a vast treasure of potential value for improving our understanding of consumer behavior, process efficiency, financial risk and the real-time delivery of healthcare.  Effectively exploiting this resource will require new techniques.  Data Fracking is a new approach focused on the discovery, collection, integration and deployment of Dark Data so it can be collected, refined and made available for use to enhance your operational and decision making processes.  Data Fracking enables the discovery, collection, integration and utilization of this previously untapped resource.

If your success in the digital economy is based on your ability to collect, analyze and deploy information faster than your competition, and Dark Data deposits exist in your environment, download the Data Fracking™ whitepaper and learn how you can efficiently tap this resource and increase your ability to add insight value in your organization!

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