In a complex digital world full of data, understanding “Dark Data” capture and which data to capture is confusing. While you see log files, applications, traffic, machine data, people - Datumize sees everything.

Datumize Data Collector (DDC) innovative software allows companies to not intrusively capture Dark Data from within the datacenter and also physical premises, and integrate resulting information as a new Enterprise asset to make smarter decisions. We use advanced networking, real time, and lightweight technology combined with our deep understanding of how IT and business relate in a corporate environment.

The resulting product is Datumize Data Collector, our core product.


The Datumize Data Collector is our Core Product and the heartbeat to other Datumize’s products. It’s our secret sauce.

A proprietary and innovative Dark Data Collection Software, with modular capabilities to understand different protocols and systems, and to be deployed in the datacenter or an edge IoT computer.


Not Intrusive Capture

Advanced networking techniques like packet sniffing and deep packet inspection, together with multiple protocol support, allow not intrusive data capture at the datacenter for any backend system.

Real Time Processing

Scalable and real time data processing in a high performance engine. Usual processing activities include filtering, intelligent selection, transformation, and compression for captured data.


Data applications are defined in a pipeline, made out of data sources, processors, and sinks, all connected by data streams. Modular components are supported for extensible funcionality. Out of the box components and API available.


Intensive and detailed monitorization available, to be accessed locally by operations team, or remotely in our cloud dashboards. Real use cases need real metrics.

Architected for Enterprise

We know enterprises are different, and we have designed a technology that seamless integrates with well-know enterprise technology for computing, virtualization, storage, analytics, and visualization.


A world class product needs extensive administration capabilities. Through console or API, the DDC adapts to any mission critical environment.

Lightweight and Portable

Ultra lightweight technology based on Java language. Portable by design, runs on a variety of hardware and operating systems, ranging from high-end virtual/physical servers on the datacenter, to minimalist IoT gateways on the edge.

OEM & Partner Friendly

Designed to be embedded/rebranded in OEM mode, either by vendors, clients, or integration partners. The DDC works under the scenes to provide dark data needed for analytical needs.


Datumize Kosmos captures critical business data from any software system within the datacenter, the Dark Data you need to detect Lost Opportunities and improve Operations.
Datumize Kosmos is not intrusive and does not require for you company to modify any existing application.

Datumize Observer is our Plug&Play solution for real world Dark Data capture, whether for people or machines. Unlock customer behaviours, identify demographics, segment users, predict machine maintenance, and benefit from advanced machine learning capabilities.


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Nacho Lafuente

Founder & CEO

Javier Uriagereka

Sales Director

Andreu Araque

Director of Engineering