Cruise vacations are the fastest growing travel sector in the world. Millions of people take a cruise each year. Worldwide, the cruise industry has an annual passenger CAGR of 6.55% from 1990 - 2019 (Source: cruisemarketwatch).

How Datumize can help Cruise Industry?

Understand and get knowledge about your real demand: availability requests, conversion rates, tendencies and accomplishment of agreements.

Understand how guests and workers are moving within the cruise to increase ancilliary revenues and optimize operations.

Understand the usage of the WiFi service.

Optimize prices based on information like real demand, historical data, competitor prices and others.

Optimize and reduce Check-in/Check-out time.

Usage of the Cruise App.

With Datumize Kosmos Solution you can optimize revenue for cruise sector. Datumize Kosmos non intrusively captures everything within your sales channels and calculates custom metrics in real time.

With Datumize Observer you can increase sales with customized products and reduce operating costs through predictive maintenance. Datumize Observer captures people and things behaviour in a physical environment.