Connecting Dark Data with Travel Industry

According to Michael Julian, Technical Coordinator of the UNWTO Statistics and Trends Programme, “We are heading for another new record in international tourism this year with higher growth than the average increase since 2010”

IPK International is forecasting that 2018 will be yet another year with positive growth rates in worldwide outbound trips (source: ITB World Travel Trends Report 2017/2018)

This sends a loud signal to market leaders and new actors that have emerged from extensive technological development to be able to attract new clients and of course, maintain the ones they already have.

We are discovering a new source of data called Dark Data.

We are working with several companies from the travel industry, including wholesalers, BedBanks, hotels, airlines, and cruises. Most of these companies have a treasure trove of data regarding their sales and commercial activities, and are getting better at analysing all this information. Still, they lack information about what happens beforehand.

What are customers looking for? The Real Demand.

This has led to the discovery of a new data source called “dark data”. The mysterious name refers to the fact that this data often remains a hidden source of business value for most companies.

Nearly every aspect of our lives generates some kind of data. With each passing second, fresh data are generated. For instance, as you walk down the street with your smartphone in your pocket, you’re sending signals to various sensors or beacons telling them where you are and where you’ve been. Yet 90% of those data are lost after failing to be properly captured.

What we do is to put in light those data and extract value from them.

Dark Data refers to all data that companies already generate in their daily activities, but do not capture or process. That makes it difficult or impossible to extract value from this information, which only ends up occupying storage space. To avoid this, Datumize helps companies discover their dark data and then extract value from them.

Generally, dark data falls into one of two categories:

One is temporary data, or data in transit. This is data that flows through networks like WiFi. The e-commerce industry, for instance, generates millions of transactions per second, all of which are full of interesting hidden information.

At the same time, a great deal of information comes out of different systems such as our smartphones. Datumize helps organisations capture this data in real time, process it and integrate it with other data that might be available.

What does dark data in the travel and leisure industry look like?

Every travel business knows their booking system very well, but most have no idea about all the availability requests they're receiving. Today, there are many different vendors and sales channels. What’s more, traditional channels are only analysed in a superficial way. For example, a website might have some information regarding how many hits or search results it has received, how many pages potential customers are visiting and how they interact with content. The analytics and metrics travel businesses get from their website is more focused on technical aspects, such as the number of hits, search results, users..... but it remains difficult to understand and leverage the business value contained in that information.

Does dark data differ between B2B and B2C?

Think of all the integrations between OTAs, metasearch engines in the B2B travel sector.... millions and millions of transactions happen every second, yet companies are losing more and more valuable information as transaction speed increases. It is therefore urgent to understand relationships between vendors. For instance, each booking request from a client should be matched with the perfect provider. A deeper understanding of all the requests a travel company receives can paint a clearer picture of exactly what their customers are looking for.

In the future of the B2C world, state-of-the-art consumer technology will be able to personalize the hotel guest experience. For example, guests will be able to use hotel smartphones and smart assistants to order room service, reservations and other hospitality services.

Datumize Technology

The Datumize Company is the world first "Dark Data" software company that Captures 99% of all operational Data, Unlocking this data giving you access to analyze core, previously unknown "Dark Data".

Datumize allows companies from the Travel Industry as tour operators, airlines, and hotels to maximize revenues, optimize prices, discover new business opportunities and tendencies and understand customer behaviours.

Our innovative technology integrates with any system non intrusively to capture and processes in real time availability requests and the responses offered in all sales channels.

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written by Raquel Perez