The International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects 7.2 billion passengers to travel in 2035. While oil prices are changing, airline industry needs to maintain or increase profit levels. Digital strategies based on data analytics are a key trend to ensure competitive position in a crowded market.  

How Datumize can help Airline Industry?

Understand and get knowledge about your real demand: availability requests, conversion rates and tendencies.

Get insights regarding each one of your sales channels: GDS, metasearch engines, OTAs, touroperators, point of sales, App and Web.

Optimize prices based on information like competitor prices, real demand, real offer and historical data.

Increase conversion rates from ancilllary services sold on your website like hotels, car rental, transfers and others.

Discover new routes with high demand and optimize flight schedules to meet your customer behavior.

Today we live in a really complex world, full of data. But 65% of those data are still Dark Data for most companies. Datumize Kosmos unleashes the secrets of knowing more and acting faster than your competition,  based on Real Demand and other data sources that are key to increase revenue and operational performance.