3 Years of Datumize

It was on November 2013 that I bought a large monitor for my home office. I moved a shelf and discarded some old books to make some room and create a sort of zone to work on the project that had been boiling in my head. That table and monitor, and feeling alone at home during office hours, remembered me to my first computer, back in the 80s, a ZX Spectrum. However, I was no longer a child, and to tackle this venture my wife had to economically support the whole family on her own. She has been my best investor so far.

When it all started, I had some plain thoughts like “why companies are so bad at squeezing data potential?” or “why does it take so much time to setup any enterprise software?”. I started hitting all the contacts I had made over my career, and having interesting discussions on those topics. It was Globalia, the largest Spanish tourism company, that had a challenge that I was ready to work on – they needed to fully understand what they were missing (the lost opportunities) in their touroperation B2B business. They already understood what they were doing (the actual sales), but had a blurred knowledge on the previous customer interactions before a product is sold.

I started working on several approaches for solving this complex problem. Globalia imposed some requirements, the heaviest being that their production system was not to be modified – they were afraid of the availability of that critical system. I thought that combining a “silent” data capture with some business logic to extract the knowledge they needed could come in very handy.

And Datumize Data Collector technology was born.

The initial prototype was ready by Easter 2014. After successful testing at production, it was discovered that several destinations were missing in their portfolio! Globalia decided to go on a real project, and it was clear that a company was need to move forward that great technology. At June 2014, Datumize was settled, and immediately after, the first junior programmer was hired.

And it is today, three years later that I bought that monitor, the same one I’m using right now, that I have forced myself to think about what we have achieved so far. I guess that being inside the tornado makes you less aware about how fast you’re are progressing. Later that year in November 2014, Datumize had its first office in a Business Center, and we were selected by Startupbootcamp to join the IoT & Data program. It seems to me that November is a sort of special month. This November 2016, Datumize has been able to close a number of relevant customers that forecast an amazing 2017.

I am proud of our progress so far. I’m not sitting in my home office anymore, but in a larger office, together with fourteen other employees, and hiring. We have two products and customers in Leisure, Supply Chain, Retail, and Industry. I am leading this company every day with increased passion and, today, pretty conscious about the journey that we left behind and our bright future. Thanks to all of you – my wife, family, friends, employees, investors, advisors, and customers – that have shared and trusted our vision.

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written by Nacho Lafuente