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You easily gain Real Time Operational Intelligence on your Dark Data

Data Collection is a complex process

Data sources now vary from networks and servers to industrial machines, sensors and IoT devices.

This is why it can be confusing to understand Dark Data. Which are the data types you should capture, store and analyze? Our innovative and proprietary Data Collection Technology captures your Dark Data non intrusively from all available sources.

What is Dark Data?

Dark Data is the data that exists within your organization but is not used in decision making. Data remains dark due to the usually high cost and complexity of its acquisition.

With Datumize, dark data collection tools are finally available, affordable and easy to deploy. Our solutions give Marketers and BI Managers 99% more knowledge about their key profit drivers.


Today organisations know they have a difficult problem with accessing their Data.

Datumize captures Dark Data from both datacenter software systems and people or devices from the physical world.

That valuable captured data helps our clients better understand their organisation and its real potential. With Datumize they achieve higher annual revenues from both increased sales volume and tangible cost reduction.

Find out what opportunities exist beneath the surface of your stored data.


Log files, machine data, transactions, databases, network traffic, online interactions - our Data Collection Products show you the full picture.

dark data collection

Datumize Kosmos 

Capture critical business data from any software system within the datacenter. Access the Dark Data you need in order to detect Lost Sales Opportunities and improve Operations.
Datumize Kosmos is not intrusive and does not require your company to modify any existing application.

data analysis for web traffic

Datumize Kosmos Web Services*

Interpret critical customer behaviour in web and mobile applications that heavily depend on Web Services and B2B integrations.
With the Datumize KWS data collection tool you see and analyze all interactions from both a business and a technical perspective.

Customer profile - dark data

Datumize Observer

Meet Datumize Observer, our Plug & Play solution for real world Dark Data collection whether from people or machines. Unlock customer behaviours, identify demographics, segment users. Predict machine maintenance hazards and benefit from advanced machine learning capabilities.


"I wish Datumize had existed some years ago. I would have saved a lot of time and cost by not modifying my applications. With Datumize Kosmos I can detect and store all the details for any customer interaction at my data centers. Tracking customer interactions and solving issues is easy and possible with very detailed information for many disparate systems."
grupo pinero

Mateo Ramon

Director TI Corporativo at Grupo Piñero

Javier de Rocafort

Chairman @Balmoral Capital Partners
"Useless knowledge equals having the capacity to generate large sums of data that basically serve nothing. Whoever unlocks the realms of data and uses it strategically will win. Datumize is the company that brings smart data analysis to existing data management strategies."
"Datumize is one of the most focused and dynamic tech companies I have ever worked with. They have a clear vision and the ability to execute on it. Based on mutual recognition and interest I joined Datumize's Advisory Board."
dark data board

Michael Hausenblas

Datacenter Application Architect @Mesosphere, Inc.


Do you need help with choosing a data collection product or have any question on Dark Data?

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Nacho Lafuente

CEO & Founder

Adrian Hinrichsen

Director of MK & BD


VP Sales & Operations

Ferran Altimiras

Software Engineer